Monument Valley 2 review

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Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is an adventure game released in 2017. The player controls a mother and her child as they travel through a fantastical world of optical illusions and impossible geometry. 


In Monument Valley 2, players guide the main character, Ro, through a series of levels by manipulating the environment to create a path for her to follow. The game is set in the titular Monument Valley, a fantastical world of Escher-esque architecture. The game's goal is to help Ro reach the end of each level, typically by raising or lowering platforms, creating bridges, or otherwise altering the landscape to allow Ro to progress. Along the way, players must also collect items, solve puzzles, and avoid obstacles.


There are a variety of controls in Monument Valley 2. The player can use the touchscreen to move their character and interact with the environment. The screen also has buttons that the player can press to perform actions, such as opening doors or picking up objects.


The graphics in Monument Valley 2 are colourful and eye-catching. The game uses a 3D graphics engine to render its environment and characters. The graphics are smooth and detailed, making it easy to appreciate the game's beautiful scenery.


In Monument Valley 2, the player can replay individual levels to get a perfect score, or they can replay the entire game to discover new secrets. There are also bonus levels that can be unlocked by collecting all of the hidden objects in the game. This gives the player motivation to replay the game multiple times to 100% it.


The player completes the game by guiding Ro's main character through a beautiful and mystical world to find her lost child. Along the way, Ro overcomes many challenges and grows as a person. The game's ending is very emotional, with Ro finally being reunited with her child.   
Players will feel a sense of satisfaction and closure after completing Monument Valley 2. The game is a beautiful and moving experience, and its ending fits the journey that Ro has taken.


  • The graphics are beautiful, and the colours are delightful
  • The gameplay is simple, but it's easy to get lost in the game
  • The game is relaxing and has a very soothing soundtrack.


  • The game is a bit short
  • There are some frustrating moments when you can't figure out the puzzle.

Graphics and Sound 9

Gameplay 8

Controls 7

Lasting Appeal 7

Monument Valley 2 Logo
Author: ustwo games
Latest Version: 1.3.15
Publish Date: September 5, 2020
Size: 60M

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