Gang Beasts review

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Gang Beasts

Developed by indie studio Boneloaf, Gang Beasts presents a unique and chaotic multiplayer experience filled with gut-busting hilarity and wild, unpredictable combat that captures the attention of gamers from all walks of life. Navigating various outrageous environments, devilishly designed to create mayhem at each turn, one must fight off rivals in raucous jellylike avatar form. Let's disassemble the components of this addictive playground to understand what makes this game a standout.

Gang Beasts' gameplay offers an experience that straddles the line between sophistication and utter chaos. The flexible brawling mechanics involve using your jelly-like character's fists and body to knock out your opponents, toss them off the arena, and be the last one standing. This befuddling simplicity, combined with the wobbly physics system, is what makes each brawl an unpredictable, humorous melee. However, mastering the control system could be tricky for rookies. 

The visual aesthetics of Gang Beasts make for a delightful viewing experience. The graphics, although basic, lend themselves perfectly to the game's jovial and bustling atmosphere. The scenarios, arenas, and characters exhibit charmingly goofy aspects, enhancing the mirthful spirit of the game. Nevertheless, some may argue that the primitive graphics don't harness the full potential of contemporary gaming systems.

One of the biggest selling points of Gang Beasts is its diversity in game modes, ranging from melee, gang, and waves, all with local and online multiplayer functionality. This opens up myriad options for players who can choose their preferred mode based on their mood and the company they have. The only downside is the sometimes inconsistent server connectivity, which can affect online multiplayer modes and cause frustration.

The soundscape in Gang Beasts complements the gameplay flawlessly. The squelchy sounds as your character wobbles around the arena to the heavy thuds when landing punches, not to mention the cheerful music playing in the background, the auditory element of the game compliments the overall gaming experience. However, the lack of an engaging voiceover could be seen as a missed opportunity.


To sum up, Gang Beasts is a boisterous, slapstick-induced mess of hilarity where being utterly ridiculous is a virtue. It is a multi-faceted game that stands apart in the realm of party games with its refreshing combination of bizarre combat mechanics, whimsical graphics, and varied game modes.


  • Chaotic and amusing gameplay with unique physics mechanics
  • Quirky, basic but suitable graphics
  • Multiple game modes for local and online multiplayer.


  • The control system may come off as difficult for new players
  • Absence of engaging voiceovers.

Graphics and Sound 7

Gameplay 8

Controls 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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Author: Boneloaf
Size: 2 GB available space

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