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Wordscapes, produced by PeopleFun, is a brain-challenging game that has swept its way into the hearts of word-game addicts globally, and for good reason. This stimulating game is a fusion of crossword puzzles, anagram games, and word searches, testing gamer's linguistic agility in a pleasant yet thought-provoking manner. With over 6,000 unique puzzles and countless hidden words to discover, the game keeps players engaged while inviting them on a wondrous scenic journey.

In Wordscapes, you are presented with a circle that houses shuffled letters, and your task is to create valid English words. The game challenges players' visual/spatial relations and dexterity of their linguistic faculties. The beauty of Wordscapes is that it accommodates different kinds of players, whether you prefer to think leisurely or adopt a speedy striking approach to solve and advance through the stages. The control interface's simplicity is a noteworthy feature, requiring only instinctive sweeps to link letters together. 

In terms of graphics, Wordscapes, although not packed with cutting-edge, extravagant visuals, is made exceptional by its simplicity. The stripped-down design allows players to concentrate on the core essence of the game without being sidetracked by needless extravagances. The soothing background elements contribute positively to building a relaxed ambiance, reflecting the peaceful yet attentive atmosphere the game prides itself on providing to players. 

The key attraction of Wordscapes lies in the exquisitely constructed landscapes that players can explore. These sceneries act as levels or stages. As the game advances, the journey traverses beautiful landscapes such as forests, deserts, and oceans, among others. There are also bonus words that are not a part of the main puzzle; however, collecting these can fetch extra points. Another impressive feature is Daily Puzzles, which gives dedicated Wordscapes players something new to look forward to each day.


Overall, Wordscapes is a well-crafted game that not only provides entertainment but also stimulates the mind and challenges linguistic boundaries. It brings the exhilaration of a brain game coupled with a serene, aesthetically pleasing interface. It may not be without a few shortcomings, but those are relatively minor considering the broader scope of the advantages it offers. When you consider the game's ability to keep your mind challenging, enrich your vocabulary, and provide a calming pastime, Wordscapes is a win.


  • Simplistic, clean graphics that focus attention on the game itself
  • Thousands of puzzles that prevent monotony
  • Regular updates and daily challenges keep the game fresh and intriguing
  • The relaxing background and sounds create a peaceful gaming environment
  • The game is free to download.


  • Some ads may disrupt the game flow
  • Coins earned within the game are only spent on hints.

Graphics and Sound 9

Gameplay 8

Controls 9

Lasting Appeal 7

Wordscapes Logo
Author: PeopleFun
Latest Version: 1.0.58
Publish Date: January 22, 2019
Size: 72M

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