Clash of Clans review

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Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), developed by Finnish game developer Supercell, is a combination of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combat. Loaded with bright graphics, interactive stages, fun characters, and intense strategy planning, it's a game that gets you hooked. It's been a crowd favorite since its release in 2012, with millions of downloads on both Android and iOS platforms. This review examines the game's various aspects and highlights strengths and weaknesses in gameplay, graphics, and features.

The gameplay of Clash of Clans takes you into a world where you control a village and make it prosper. Starting with a tiny settlement, you gradually expand by building defenses, creating resources, and raising an army. This army made up of diverse characters like Barbarians, Archers, Giants, Wizards, and more, is employed to attack and beat other player villages. This strategic gameplay, with its thrilling action, provides an enjoyable experience to the player.

The unique twist in Clash of Clans stems from its real-time multiplayer feature, where you can join or form a clan with 50 other players around the world. You can then engage in Clan Wars to claim important resources. This aspect of the game leverages teamwork and planning, making it more engaging and exciting.

Clash of Clans scores high on graphics. With its colorful and luminous animation, it instantly draws attention. The game world encompasses detailed structures, unique characters, and flashy effects that provide a visually stimulating experience. The distinctive graphical element of each character, the vivid depiction of elements like fire and lightning, and the overall aesthetic sophistication add to the game's appeal.

Clash of Clans is equipped with a range of features that enhance players' experience. The game's customization feature allows you to design your village layout creatively. Furthermore, the variety in troops and a plethora of unique spells enhance the strategic element of the game.

However, the game's most rewarding feature is its community aspect. Being part of a clan allows you to share resources, exchange strategies, participate in clan wars, and collaboratively grow. The sense of belongingness and healthy competition makes the game more immersive and rewarding.


Clash of Clans stands tall in the realm of strategy games with its engaging gameplay, impressive graphics, and varied features. Although it's not without its pitfalls, like a slow progression rate and a somewhat steep learning curve for beginners, it offers a fantastic bonanza of strategic planning, community building, and fun battles. A gem in the crowded world of mobile MMOs, Clash of Clans, despite some shortcomings, remains an addictive and engrossing game.



  • The game has a vibrant, colorful, and intriguing graphical platform that enhances the playing experience
  • Clash of Clans involves strategic thinking and planning, fostering cognitive development
  • A wide array of soldiers, abilities, and resources makes gameplay diversified and interesting
  • The multiplayer and community aspect of the game creates a social platform and encourages teamwork.


  • The game can be criticized for its time-consuming progression, thus demanding a high degree of patience
  • Over-reliance on in-app purchases to speed up progress could make the game seem pay-to-win
  • A steep learning curve for beginners might be off-putting.

Graphics and Sound 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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Author: Supercell
Latest Version: 13.369.18
Publish Date: September 19, 2020
Size: 147M

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