Candy Crush Saga review

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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle video game released by King in 2012. It is a variation of the Candy Crush franchise that includes other games such as Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga.


The game's objective is to clear all candies off the board by matching three or more of the same colour. The game is played by swapping two adjacent pieces of candy to make a match of three or more. If you make a match of four or more, you will receive a special candy that can be used to clear even more candies from the board. The game is free to play, but in-app purchases are available for lives, boosters, and extra moves.


The controls in the game Candy Crush Saga are straightforward. You need to tap on the screen to move the candies. There are no other complicated controls.


The graphics in Candy Crush Saga are colourful and attractive. The game uses a lot of bright colours, which makes it visually appealing. The graphics are also well-designed and consistent throughout the game.


The game is designed to be played multiple times, with new challenges and obstacles appearing as the player progresses. This encourages players to keep coming back to the game and allows them to share their progress with friends and family.


  • The game is easy to understand and get into;
  • The game is very addictive;
  • The game is free to play.


  • The game is highly time-consuming;
  • The game is costly to buy boosters.


In the game, Candy Crush Saga is where the objective is to score points by matching similar candies together. The game is over when the player runs out of moves or if they reach the target score.


Graphics and Sound 10

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Lasting Appeal 9

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Author: King
Latest Version:
Publish Date: November 28, 2020
Size: Varies with device

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