Brawl Stars review

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Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, a widely acclaimed mobile video game, merges the adrenaline of arena fighting with the dynamic strategies of a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Developed by the renowned company Supercell, this game has carved a rich niche in the multiplayer gaming community thanks to its enthralling design, gameplay mechanisms, and striking features.

The vibrant brawler gameplay is the pivot of Brawl Stars with a vast array of characters, referred to as ‘Brawlers,' each entailing unique abilities and attack types. Its fast-paced, quick-reaction style sets a high level of competition, a significant pull for avid gamers. Players can choose different game modes, each presenting unique challenges, thus expanding the gaming experiences and putting different brawler skills to the test.

The graphics are captivating and immersive. It employs an intuitive blend of vibrant, cartoonish artistry, which keeps players visually engaged. The game interface is seamless and user-friendly, which supplements the game's appeal. Each brawler, apart from their abilities, has a distinct design and aesthetics, adding an extra layer of immersive gaming experience.

Brawl Stars offers a plethora of spectacular features, such as various game modes, a wide array of unique Brawlers, and a progression system that rewards consistent players. Co-op play is another interesting feature where players can form or join clubs to share tips and battle together. Furthermore, with its integration of seasonal events and limited-time challenges, Brawl Stars maintains the excitement level of the game by continuously offering new content to the players.

Game controls in Brawl Stars are commendable - fluid, intuitive, and comfortable even on a small screen. Meanwhile, the sound effects duly complement the colorful visuals. Each Brawler has distinct sounds when performing actions or using super abilities. Background music, although repetitive, blends well with the overall theme but can feel repetitive after extended play.


Intrinsically, Brawl Stars is a marvel of dazzling visuals, fluid gameplay, and well-integrated features. Its fast-paced, strategic battles offer a thrilling gaming experience. While it has its minor cons, the pros shine brighter, making it an enticing, value-packed game suitable for both casual and competitive gamers alike. All in all, Brawl Stars presents an amiably aggressive battleground that promises an intense yet enjoyable skirmish.


  • Diverse game modes offer a variety of challenges
  • An array of unique Brawlers to choose from
  • Encouraging co-op gameplay
  • Rewards for consistent players
  • Fluid and intuitive controls.


  • Combat can be frantic and confusing in certain modes due to visual overlaps
  • Some Brawlers can only be unlocked via loot boxes, which costs real money, indirectly promoting a "pay-to-win" scenario
  • The game may be hard to master for beginners due to its fast-paced nature
  • Background music can feel monotonous over time.

Graphics and Sound 7

Gameplay 8

Controls 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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Author: Supercell
Latest Version: 24.150
Publish Date: August 25, 2021
Size: 122M

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