Unlocking the Legendary John Wick Skin in Fortnite: An Unmissable Opportunity

Sophia Schmidt


Unlocking the Legendary John Wick Skin in Fortnite: An Unmissable Opportunity

Fortnite continually excites players with a range of unique and iconic skins, and few are as sought-after as the legendary John Wick. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the films or just appreciate a sharp-dressed man with a reputation for being incredibly formidable, this guide will help you step into the shoes of the enigmatic Baba Yaga himself. Follow these steps to claim the John Wick skin and its exclusive variants.

Step 1: Awaiting the Return of Baba Yaga

Awaiting the Return of Baba Yaga

The John Wick skin periodically returns to the Fortnite Item Shop, and though its appearances are rare, they are highly anticipated. As of the latest intel from credible Fortnite leakers, mark your calendar for December 23, 2023, as this is when the suit is next expected to re-emerge. The scarcity of this skin enhances its desirability, so timing is critical. Keep an eye on the Item Shop and check frequently around this date, as it could drop at any time.

Step 2: Gathering the Currency

In Fortnite, everything has a price, and the John Wick skin is no exception. Priced at 2,000 V-Bucks, it's identified as a Legendary skin, which means it's not just any outfit; it's a statement. Ensure you have enough V-Bucks saved by completing challenges, purchasing them, or by being economical with your V-Buck use to prepare for his arrival.

Step 3: Visiting the Fortnite Item Shop

On the day of release, visit the Fortnite Item Shop. The John Wick skin, with its four characteristic styles, will be featured prominently for those who are keen to embody the master assassin. Once you find the skin, proceed with the purchase to add it to your collection. Remember, the availability window may be narrow — if you want to join the ranks of the elite, act decisively.

Step 4: Understanding the Variants

Understanding the Variants

With the John Wick purchase, players are not just acquiring a single style but four meticulously designed variants, allowing you to showcase John Wick from Chapter 1 through Chapter 4. Each provides a nuanced portrayal of the character's evolution:

  • Default Style: A classic black suit with a white shirt epitomizing the original John Wick look.
  • Damaged Style: Showcases a battle-hardened John with a disheveled appearance, reflective of his relentless encounters.
  • Bowery Black Style: An all-black outfit with a missing ring finger, a nod to the character's sacrifices.
  • High Table Duel Style: Featuring attire that's equally appropriate for the most auspicious or somber occasions, complete with a longer hairstyle and the missing ring finger detail.

Step 5: Delving Into Additional Accessories

Fortnite offers more than just skins, and owning the entire John Wick set truly completes the experience. Consider acquiring these additional themed items to enhance your avatar:

  • Assassin Pack Back Bling: A duffle bag teeming with weaponry that comes with the John Wick outfit, epitomizing readiness for any scenario.
  • Wick’s Katana Pickaxe/Back Bling: Unleash a blade akin to that from John Wick: Chapter 4 - this piece's price is not confirmed, but it's a collectible worth watching for.
  • Simple Sledge Pickaxe: A symbol of John's past priced at 500 V-Bucks, this tool carries significant weight in his story.
  • Bulletproof Emote: An uncommon 200 V-Bucks emote that lets you elegantly dispose of excess ammo.

Step 6: Claiming Exclusive Companions

Claiming Exclusive Companions

In addition to the John Wick skin, Fortnite features other characters from the same universe. Sofia, an assassin portrayed in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, comes with her own set of equipment and back bling. With a cost of 1,500 V-Bucks, she’s a valuable ally to your Fortnite wardrobe.

Conclusion: A Skin Worth the Challenge

The John Wick skin is more than a costume; it represents a character that has made a significant cultural impact. To wield such a skin in Fortnite speaks volumes of your dedication to the game and perhaps even a penchant for the finer things in battle royale life. Remember, exclusivity is an essential part of the allure for the John Wick skin. If you miss the opportunity on December 23, stay vigilant. Keep your eyes peeled for any future surprise appearances in the Item Shop. Until then, prepare your V-Bucks, strategize your acquisitions, and “Be seeing you” in Fortnite.