Fortnite's Eagerly Awaited Crossover with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ushers in Exciting Quests for Players

Sophia Schmidt


Fortnite's Eagerly Awaited Crossover with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ushers in Exciting Quests for Players

Epic Games has infused Fortnite with a slice of nostalgia by teaming up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a thrilling new crossover event. Fans of both franchises are eager to join forces with the beloved martial arts-savvy turtles. Prior to the main event, called the Cowabunga celebration, players have the unique chance to immerse themselves in the world of April O'Neil. By engaging in the mystery-filled questline, players are invited to unlock the secrets leading to the main event while gaining valuable experience points.

Embark on the April O'Neil Investigates! Questline

Embark on the April O'Neil Investigates

The April O'Neil Investigates! Questline is the perfect preamble to the event, offering fans a narrative-driven mission to amplify their excitement. Gamers will interact with the intrepid reporter, April O'Neil, as she delves into enigmatic occurrences on the Battle Royale island. There are four standalone quests, each rewarding you with 10,000 XP, leading to a substantial 40,000 XP upon completion. But time is ticking as these quests are only available until the morning of February 9th, and once the event officially starts, these quests will be gone forever.

Location is Key: Finding April and Completing Quests

To unravel the mystery, players must first find April, who is stationed at the Rescue Station, a strategic landmark positioned between Reckless Railways and Grand Glacier. Upon meeting April, the following tasks need to be executed:

  • Hide in sewer entrances (players need to do this just once).
  • Gain entry to the Underground HQ either through the sewer manhole near Ship It! Station or the adjacent tunnels.
  • Locate three empty pizza boxes scattered throughout the Underground HQ's tunnels.

While gamers may find the sewer entrances throughout the map, accomplishing other quests simultaneously can be achieved by choosing the entrance near Ship It! Station.

The Hunt for Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes

The signature snack of the Ninja Turtles, pizza, plays a pivotal role in the questline, with scattered empty pizza boxes serving as the clues. Here's a quick rundown of where to find the boxes within the Underground HQ:

  1. Near the character Vengeance Jones.
  2. In the southern exit area of the Underground HQ.
  3. Close to the Underground HQ's northern exit.

These clues not only provide an intriguing in-game investigation but also pay homage to the series' cultural touchstones.

Rewards and Anticipation for the TMNT Event

As gamers keenly complete quests, they not only uncover the mystery at hand but also gain exciting XP rewards, half an account level, to be precise. The gusto with which these quests are tackled reflects the anticipation built around the Fortnite and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collaboration. Epic Games has a knack for creating an environment of enthusiasm, leading to an all-time high engagement within the Fortnite community as new and old fans of the turtles come together to celebrate the Cowabunga event.

Conclusion: Rally for the Turtles' Arrival

Rally for the Turtles' Arrival

Fortnite players don't just play; they experience stories, connect with iconic characters, and create lasting memories in an ever-expanding gaming universe. As the crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles approaches, the April O'Neil quests serve as an appetizer to the main course. Gamers should take advantage of these time-sensitive opportunities to delve into an authentically crafted narrative while also topping up their XP. It's time to brush up on those ninja skills, follow April's lead, and prepare for an epic adventure in Fortnite's evolving world.