Google Commemorates Minecraft's 15th Anniversary with an Interactive Easter Egg

Sophia Schmidt


Google Commemorates Minecraft's 15th Anniversary with an Interactive Easter Egg

Over the past 15 years, Minecraft has evolved from a humble game into a global phenomenon. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Google has created a special Easter egg on its search engine to honor the beloved game. This interactive feature offers a nostalgic and entertaining way for fans to connect with the Minecraft world directly from their web browsers.

To discover this Easter egg, search for "Minecraft", "Minecraft Bedrock Edition", or "Minecraft Steve" on Google. You'll notice a unique Minecraft icon at the bottom of the search results. Clicking on this icon activates a delightful interactive experience, allowing users to mine through various biomes. The animations and sounds are meticulously designed to replicate the game's original feel. This feature serves as both a tribute and a mini-game for users to enjoy.

In celebration of this milestone, Minecraft has also introduced its first-ever discount. For the first time since its launch, the game is available at a 50% discount across multiple platforms. The Java & Bedrock Edition on PC has been reduced from $29.99 to $14.99. Console versions, including those on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, are also significantly discounted. Even the mobile versions on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are now priced at an affordable $1.99.

Minecraft's journey from its early days to becoming a bestseller is truly remarkable. Initially available exclusively on Xperia Play, the game quickly expanded to all Android phones, marking the start of its widespread popularity. Over the years, Minecraft has continued to evolve, with new updates and features that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. In 2023, Minecraft expanded its accessibility by becoming available on Chromebooks, ensuring a broader audience can enjoy the game.

As Minecraft continues to thrive, its influence on the future of gaming is undeniable. Its blend of simple yet captivating gameplay, regular updates, and community-driven content has solidified its place in gaming history. Google's interactive Easter egg is a fitting tribute to a game that has brought joy to millions over the past 15 years. Fans can look forward to many more years of creativity, exploration, and adventure within the ever-growing Minecraft universe.