Flushable Toilets and Streamlined Production: Satisfactory 1.0's Grand Finale

Sophia Schmidt


Flushable Toilets and Streamlined Production: Satisfactory 1.0's Grand Finale

Satisfactory, the acclaimed factory-building game that captivated countless players during the pandemic, is finally reaching its complete form with the release of version 1.0 this September 10th. As the game exits early access, fans are excitedly looking forward to significant updates, including new story elements and game optimizations. The announcement was shared by Coffee Stain Studios, accompanied by a quirky trailer showcasing a feature that's both amusing and telling: flushable toilets.

The transition to 1.0 isn't merely a superficial upgrade — it comes with vital quality-of-life improvements that promise to enhance the overall gaming experience. Among the most crucial changes is the adjustment in the production of computers and supercomputers, which have long been perceived as obstacles in players' assembly lines. These changes will allow for a smoother construction process and have a substantial impact on gameplay, especially for those building extensive factory networks.

But it’s not just about ease of production. The developers also revealed that programmable splitters and geothermal generators will no longer necessitate supercomputers, making advanced technologies accessible earlier in the game. This progression rebalancing aims to make geothermal power a more viable early-game option, encouraging players to diversify their energy strategies. Additionally, structures like gas masks, jetpacks, trucks, and trains will also see adjustments, making them more user-friendly for budding industrialists.

Moreover, the game’s world itself is receiving a significant overhaul. Coffee Stain Studios has moved around resource nodes, altered their rarity, and added new ones to the map. These changes not only disrupt established builds but also open new avenues for exploration and strategic resource management. For veteran players, this means heading back into familiar territories with a fresh pair of eyes, rekindling the excitement of discovery and ingenuity.

Satisfactory's 1.0 update also unveils the long-awaited story mode. For those planning to dive back in, be prepared: some story elements will remain elusive if you don’t start over with a new save file. While not explicitly recommended, starting afresh might be tempting for die-hard fans looking to experience everything the game has to offer. With Satisfactory finally emerging from early access, it’s an opportune moment for both new players and seasoned builders to embark on this revitalized industrial adventure.