Epic Crossover Alert: Street Fighter 6 Meets Monster Hunter in April 2024

Lukas Müller


Epic Crossover Alert: Street Fighter 6 Meets Monster Hunter in April 2024

In an electrifying announcement that has both fighting and hunting enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, Capcom has unveiled a crossover that seems like a dream come true for fans of its two iconic franchises. Street Fighter 6 will collide with the Monster Hunter universe in April 2024, marking a celebration of Monster Hunter's 20th anniversary with flair and ferocity. This fusion promises to bring a unique blend of combat and hunting prowess to the gaming world, stirring anticipation across the community.

The collaboration, although succinct in its offerings, promises to infuse Street Fighter 6 with the adventurous spirit of Monster Hunter through a series of intriguing additions. The highlight is a cosmetic transformation that allows players to don the Rathalos armor, a revered set within the Monster Hunter lore, bringing a slice of the hunt to the urban battlegrounds of Street Fighter 6. This armor isn't just for show; it extends its majestic appearance into the World Tour adventures, ensuring players can flaunt their hunter's pride across different modes. Additionally, a Rathalos-themed photo spot within the Battle Hub will serve as a picturesque homage to the crossover, allowing players to capture and share their memorable moments.

While the crossover might not be expansive, its significance lies in the celebration of Monster Hunter's 20th anniversary, serving as a testament to the franchise's enduring popularity and impact on the gaming industry. Capcom's decision to integrate these worlds, even in a limited capacity, underscores a creative endeavor to bridge different gaming genres and communities. It's an invitation to Street Fighter aficionados to experience a taste of Monster Hunter's vast universe and vice versa.

This announcement comes alongside other exciting news for Monster Hunter fans, including a status update on the highly anticipated Monster Hunter Wilds and the planned release of Monster Hunter Stories on various platforms. Despite the primary focus on the crossover, these additional announcements provide a broader picture of Capcom's ongoing commitment to the Monster Hunter franchise, signaling a promising future filled with adventures and challenges.

As April 2024 approaches, the anticipation for this crossover will undoubtedly grow. While it may be a small step towards blending the worlds of Street Fighter and Monster Hunter, it represents a significant leap in celebrating the legacy and evolution of two of Capcom's greatest franchises. As fans eagerly await more details, one thing is clear: the streets will soon echo with the roars of monsters, and only the bravest fighters will stand tall amidst the chaos.