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Unusual Custom Motorcycles

“Necessity is the mother of Invention” – This is the saying that drives the world of science. Motorcycles were invented and used to ease and fasten travel. But with the advancement in technology and innovation, custom motorcycles were created.

There are many custom motorcycles in different shapes that are created for fun and attraction. These motorcycles standout from the standard motorcycles in its innovative appearance in terms of shape, paintwork, frame geometry or engine design.

There are also many custom motorcycles that are created for exclusive good causes such as Eco-friendliness, conservation of energy, time-saving, space-saving, etc. In modern world, as technology grows, scarcity of the resources is increasing.

Nowadays, the number of cars on the road has increased drastically and the main reason is sophistication and passion for luxury. Often, we could see only one or two travel in a car though it is designed to accommodate at-least four passengers which results in fuel wastage. To avoid this scenario, Lit Motors Corporation in the United States had created a Luxury motorcycle which has all the luxury of a car in which two person can travel. Air-conditioning and all the features of a car has been included in this modern custom motorcycle.

photo of Lit C1 motorycle

The experts say that these motorcycles are also the best solution to the traffic congestion problem that prevails in major cities. China is one among those countries which suffer traffic problems with the increase of vehicles on the road and insufficient space to broaden the existing roads.

When Benjamin Gulak of United States visited China at his age of 17, he was trapped in a traffic Jam in Shangai and that paved way for an innovation. He thought of designing a miniature motorcycle that could help people move at the midst of the “traffic devil” that sucks our valuable time. As a result, he created “Uno” that runs on battery.

This Eco-friendly runs at the speed of a bicycle and a motorcycle. It is also known as “U3 Street bike” The uniqueness of this custom motorcycle is that it is a miniature bike with both its wheels fitted too close to each other. When not in use, it could be folded such that both the wheels align together and hence consumes very less space to park. Also it runs at the speed of a bicycle when folded with both wheels together.

When there is a need for speed, by a push of a button, the front wheel ejects and then runs at the speed of a motorcycle on two wheels!! Once charged, the vehicle could travel up-to 56 kilometers and the highest speed of the bike is 48 km/hr.

Youngsters of Taiwan have designed a modern motorcycle in which seven person can travel. It is fitted with 250cc motor and has a roof on top.

Out of love towards his son who loves cartoons, Shangyali of Jilin city of China designed a gigantic custom motorcycle in the way it appears in cartoon films. The motorcycle could accommodate eight persons and it is 18 ft long, 10 ft high and weighs 1000 kg. It approximately cost around $2,600 and took two months to design.

The world's heaviest bike was displayed in the North American International Auto Show in 2003. It could travel at the speed of 370 miles per hour. It weighed 680 kilograms and the engine had 500 horsepower. The tank can hold 12.3 liters of fuel and the price was around USD 555,0000. This is the most heavy and expensive motorcycle in the world.

Here is a different story… Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau - an artist from Brazil have designed motorcycles using the parts of old watches. He was fond of motorcycles since 1960 and he owns motorcycles of different kinds, of which one was made of wood. Out of passion towards motorcycles, he created small iconic motorcycles using parts of old watches.

Watch Motorcycles by Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau 7

He collected the parts of watches from his friend who owns a watches shop. His friend advertised to exchange old watches for new ones for concession rate and thus helped him collect the necessary parts to make his dream come true. Now Jose has many artistic motorcycles made out of only the parts of the old watches.

Custom Motorcycles

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