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Overview Of Custom Motorcycles

Since the invention of motorcycles, motorcycles have been an machine of pride and sensuality. During the early days of motorcycles, motorcycles were used in wars by soldiers. Soldiers used motorcycles to carry their armaments and themselves in the vast terrain of the battlefield.

Today in 21st century motorcycles have changed their early purpose as simply a mode of transportation to a style statement. Motorcycles which are especially customized from their factory look to a new distinct look are called custom motorcycles.

People around the world perform customization to their motorcycles to have a different and unprecedented look and feel when they ride their motorcycles. Customization is referred by many as a Art, like any other art form, custom motorcycles have number of iteration which are called Styles. There are some basic names for custom motorcycles that bring instant recognition to the biker crowd.

The "Biker crowd" are motorcycles enthusiasts who find pleasure in riding and customizing motorcycles. One style which any rider would definitely know is, “pro-street”. This is a style in which motorcycles are made Low-to-the-ground. These modest length motorcycles with big engines and a riding position that allows rider to be ready for a drag race at any stoplight.

There is also another custom motorcycles style called “Chopper”. Originally Choppers were motorcycles that had as many of the stock parts “Chopped” off as possible. This was effort to lighten the motorcycles and provide better performance & not necessarily style. These were trends of 1960's, since then Chopper is a term which has found association with custom motorcycles. although some argue the word “Choppers”. The question raised is how can a motorcycle be called Chopper when it is built completely from ground up.

Bobber is another form which is similar to Chopper but has different look and stood out in comparison. It is also known as short chopper.

A “Trike” is a motorcycle with three wheels that doesn't have a sidecar.

Body bikes is a term used to describe bike that seems to have all encompassing body panels. Very much opposite to Chopper.

There is also custom motorcycle style called Bagger. Originally term used to describe Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles, as the custom world grew name stuck to all custom bikes with a saddlebags. There are custom motorcycles which fall into the Bagger category these days. But for the most part of world they are liked to be describe as touring bikes.

Quads is another popular custom motorcycle style with four wheels.

Like any other visual art form, custom motorcycles are complemented with visual graphics and colors. Vibrant colors, line graphics, picture imprinting, chroming of body and engine parts gives a distinct identity to the motorcycle. Some times only visual changes in the motorcycle gives a very different look then its factory counterpart.

Body panel features like lines and curvatures are enlighten with use of color and graphics.

Engine customization is one of the many way in which custom motorcycles have been built. Engine are the very heart of any motorcycle. Its power, torque, sound, exhaust etc provides a distinct identity to any motorcycle. Custom motorcycle builders have been altering their bike engines to have that distinct identity, that will make their motorcycle look apart in a crowd.

Inserting larger pistons, mufflers, exhaust pipes, inlet chamber are usually modified to get a strong sound from the engine. The low rpm boom boom is what every custom motorcycle builder choice is, although in today's trends, large engines with high rpm, high torque with smooth exhaust noise is finding appreciation.

Fans of custom motorcycles are all around the globe. But America and especially Sturgis in recent years has become a important destination for custom motorcycle builders. A yearly rally is organized in Sturgis where all mentioned custom motorcycle styles could be seen in the crowd of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts with their motorcycles.

Custom motorcycles have transformed from a hobby to a serious profession, and like any profession a contest brings out the best of all. In custom motorcycle building World Championship of Custom Bike Building is the holly grail for any custom motorcycle lover. It is held in 20 different countries around the world.

It promotes and showcase international custom motorcycle design and engineering quality, craftsmanship and innovation. and most importantly to promote the evolution of custom motorcycling in the way that would secure the unique employment of custom motorcycle for future generation of riders.

Custom Motorcycles

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