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Directory List Of  Harley Davidson Custom Motorcycle Shops and Builders

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DP Customs -   New River Arizona

DP Customs is owned and operated by the Del Prado Brothers in New River, AZ. Specializing in Harley-Davidson Ironheads, they do ground up custom builds, handling everything in house from metal fab to paint. Their bikes are no frills and "Built For The Workin" Man".

custom Harleycustom Harleycustom Harley








 Arizona - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders


DP Customs -   New River Arizona

DP Customs is owned and operated by the Del Prado Brothers in New River, AZ. Specializing in Harley-Davidson Ironheads, they do ground up custom builds, handling everything in house from metal fab to paint. Their bikes are no frills and "Built For The Workin" Man".

custom Harleycustom Harleycustom Harley




Ssinister Choppers -

John Shope recently won CMT's chopper challenge with his custom black and white Seether motorcycle. John's definitely a Hot Rodder at heart and his custom Harley builds reflect that. His Harley bagger customs are second to none, heck John even makes a Road Glide look good.



Wiccid Sickles -

First off this Harley shop gets an "A" for paint work. Very nice. Certified Harley mechanics make sure your motorcycle is running right. Looks like they're moving up from basically custom painted motorcycles to frame up builds. Someone involved with this shop definitely has a good eye, look for some nice custom Harleys to come from there in the future.

Custom Harley Custom Harley




California - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders


Bobber Shop - Thousand Oaks, CA.

Best 'Softtail to Bobber" conversions I've seen yet. Seriously. Had I just looked at the after pictures I would have thought they were ground up bobber builds. If you want your stock Harley  to go way beyond stock you need to call these guys. Their best photos are on their MySpace page, so find the link to that off their main site and check them out.

Custom Harley BobberCustom Harley BobberCustom Harley Bobber




Central Coast Cycles - Santa Cruz, CA

Scott Long has taken the "Old-School Builder of the Year" award from the V-twin Motorcyclers Ball and there's little doubt why. Old Harleys that  a lot of builders wouldn't touch are turned into custom motorcycle art under his direction. From looking at his builds I have to wonder whether he loves the Panhead or the Shovelhead more? 

Custom Motorcycle by Central Coast Cycles Custom Bike by Central Coast Cycles




County Line Cycles - Simi Valley, CA

Arman Gevorkian has a simple philosophy: "you'll get your motorcycle when I say it's done". Ok, I can live with that. This fully staffed shop does meticulous Harley Davidson customs and don't want you to have your motorcycle back until they're satisfied with it. Bobber style motorcycles, choppers, or maybe you just want to beef up your Road King. There's an entire page of customer testimonials but I'd like to see a few more photos of the shop's work. What is shown looks very nice.

Custom Harley Bobber



Illusion Motorcycles -

First off, you'd better like black. If you're ok with that, you'll love these motorcycles. Bobbers, Lowriders, choppers, all with a very unique twist. They make a very sweet production bobber along with the custom Harley work they do. Very impressive.



L.A. Speed Shop -

LA Speed Shop, Los Angeles CA - Choppers and Bobbers. ,,It's a one man shop and Chris Richardson does everything from routine service to metal fabrication and complete custom motorcycle builds. We're pretty kick back and we're not haters. ,,-I love old school, simple, skinny bikes and have been building them like that for 15 years. Harley Davidson about 99% of the time. You can check some of my builds on our site. "Bean and Cheese" is my personal ride. It's a ?47 Knuckle I built. It was the first mag cover for the shop-thanks to the gang at IronHorse magazine. Now we're getting into designing parts and we've got some other stuff cooking! If you're in the LA area, come check us out.



Tom Foster -

Tom Foster has graced so many motorcycle magazines that they don't even fit on one page of his website. Foster builds motorcycles you can ride and has been doing so long before Custom motorcycles became a fad. Since I beat the crap out of all my motorcycles, I can appreciate that. When your list of close friends includes Roland Sands, Ron Simms, and the late Johnny (Vasko) Chop, you better be able to ride what you build. If functionality can be an art form Foster has it covered.



Ventura Motorworks - Ventura, CA

Kurt Morrow build vintage customs, bobbers and choppers. These motorcycles are what the original; chopper scene was all about: take a Harley and make it light and fast. Motorcycles that were made to ride. Kurt prides himself in building a motorcycle that will fit you.

Custom Bobber Custom Chopper



 Colorado - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Allen Bros Chopper Works-

Allen Bros specializes in Buell conversions using their own "Morph" line of frames or customizing them using the original frame keeping the sportbike look. As a big fan of Redneck Engineering's Mutant line of motorcycles I have to say that I am equally impressed with these "Morph"  Buell to Pro Street conversions. I'm not sure Allen Bros style will appeal to all riders but you can't argue that the designs are very original.

Custom Motorcycle Buell -Allen Bros. Custom Motorcycle Buell -Allen Bros. Custom Chopperl -Allen Bros.



Redhill Motorcycle Werx - Lyons, Co

Rocky mountain located custom shop that specializes in custom Harley Davidson based motorcycles although they welcome anything on 2 wheels. Very nice customs, very nice website. When you visit check the motorcycle they call "Rampage". Also, they are a Saxon dealer

custom motorcycle custom bobber custom harely davidson bagger



Shamrock Fabrication - Broomfield, CO

Irish Rich is a real motorcycle builder, I doubt he'd even have a beer with me, and "fabrication" is the operative word here. Looks like if he needs it, he makes it. Simple as that. Old School rigid groundpounders are the style, and there's nothing, with the exception of the occasional sissy bar, on these motorcycles that doesn't have to be there. Very cool



Toxic Choppers - Colorado Springs, CO

Award winning Custom Harleys. Nice motorcycle builds and very impressive paint work. Styles and motorcycle models vary, all nicely done. By the quality of the work  shown on the website I'm surprised we've not heard more about these guys. Maybe I don't read the right mags?

Custom Harley Sportster Custom Motorcycle Shovelhead



Florida - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Art In Motion - Kissimmee, FL

Like to tour but still want to ride a custom motorcycle? Let Tom Kapp build you a custom bagger. Maybe you're ready for custom trike? Tom has a very unique offering. You can build your own custom motorcycle right in the shop. When's the last time a shop let you come in and work on your own motorcycle?

Custom Bagger Custom Bagger




Demon's Cycle -

Can't say I approve of the name or logo but Demon Cycle has all the bases covered business wise. Website is actually an online parts store mostly but there are enough Custom Motorcycle photos of Demon's work and motorcycles for sale to get a feel for the build style. While most builders seem to concentrate on the front end and the fuel tank, Demon apparently has a thing for chopping the rear frame whenever they get the chance and on a factory Harley frame. I think it looks awesome.

custom harleycustom kit bikecustom harley




Greg's Custom Cycles -

"Custom Motorcycle" is not a descriptive enough term for what Greg does to Harley Davidson based motorcycles. I would say "Insane Wicked Altering of the Molecular Structure" is more of an apt term. Of course not every motorcycle has to be taken to those extremes and it appears Greg's got a good handle on giving his customers only what they want.

custom victorycustom harleycustom harley




Miami Choppers -

I first saw these guys motorcycles in an issue of V-twin magazine. Excellent style. Someone's got a great eye there. Motorcycles are truly affordable.





Georgia - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

K-otic Choppers- Woodstock, GA

If you're going to customize stock Harley you really need to be creative to stand out from the crowd since there's barely a stock Harley on the road. Well, these guys deliver in the creativity department. Their Harley customs will definitely get noticed at any motorcycle rally or you local bike night. Very interesting colors and style.






 Illinois - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Pyrotec -

Pyrotec builds complete customs and modified Harley custom motorcycles. They have their own in house painter and the motorcycles look nice. Also a line of in house parts is available to purchase online. Harley customs shown on site are not what I would call over the top builds, but are done with an obvious attention to detail.




Lewis Custom Cycles - Hyden, KY





Maryland - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Suicide Cycles - Manchester, MD

Charlie Cooper and his crew build custom motorcycles that real bikers will still be riding 20 years from now. Love the style: rear fender hugging the tire, just enough rake to be cool yet rideable and no extra parts. Either customized stock Harley or ground up build the end result is the same: a one of kind custom motorcycle you can hop on and go.



Here's Little British Harley Rally:

 Massachusetts - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

American Motorcycle Service - Farmingham, MA

Wide variety of custom motorcycles including custom Harleys, Bobbers, Choppers and Pro Street style motorcycles. All motorcycles appear to all be Harley or Harley Clone  based. Focus on high performance.

Custom Chopper Motorcycle Custom Motorcycle Chopper




Perewitz Cycle Fabrication -

Seen by many for the first time on Motorcycler Build-off, Dave Perewitz was already a well respected individual in the custom motorcycle building world. He like to call his motorcycles "Art in Motion" and does some incredible work On Harleys as well as ground up builds. Numerous articles have been written in motorcycler mags.




 Minnesota - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Donnie Smith Customs -

Donnie Smith gets the privilege of being listed 2 places on this site, once for Custom Harleys, and  once for ground-up custom motorcycles. Donnie's ground-up builds are truly custom and he does a lot of very nice Harley modifications. I have trouble defining Donnie's style: if you look at his Harley Customs they're pretty radical and well executed, but if you're looking at his built from scratch custom motorcycles, well they're pretty run of the mill, but well done. Best thing would be for you to decide for yourself.



 Nevada - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Denver's Choppers -

Mondo Parros picked up right where Denver Mullins left off. Rather than go off and try and become a legend himself (something he did anyway) Mondo instead chose to keep the Denver Choppers style alive. That style:  "looonnng" front ends is an all but  recognized trademark of Denver's Choppers. The "Godfather of Choppers"  still paying homage to his long time partner.



New Hampshire - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Chop Shop Cycles - Milford, NH

Ed and Zach Densmore pump out a very impressive display of custom motorcycles. Most are Harley based but certainly not limited to it. These are without a doubt one of a kind motorcycles. Familiar Bobber and Chopper styles with a distinctive flair that you haven't seen elsewhere.

Custom Harley BobberCustom Harley ChopperCustom Harley Bobber



 New Jersey - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Custom Performance Cycles – West Berlin, New Jersey

Harleys, Customs and Trikes.. We build them, service them, ride them and sell you the parts needed to fix ‘em. 856-753-9995 Call, stop by or visit us on the web…


Cycle Service Sales, LLC -
High Bridge, NJ

Cycle Service & Sales Company is dedicated to supplying new aftermarket parts, accessories and also provides custom built motorcycles, kit motorcycles, repair and restoration service to the motorcycle community.

Custom Harley



New Mexico

 New York - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Cyril Huze -

These are not your run of the mill custom Harleys. Cyril Huze takes Harley Davidson motorcycles to a new level. Huze's style is very "artsy" form and function meet high art. While I personally find the motorcycles a bit feminine, you can't help but respect the talent it took to make these beauties. Judge for yourself. And I think he might generate more business if he actually told you where he was located.



Mayhem NYC Inc. - Staten Island, NY

Bike builds to service work on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We offer parts orders from many well known motorcycle companies.



Paul Cox Industries - New York, NY

Former Indian Larry Collaborator, Paul Cox still build motorcycles in and old school style: factory rake, rigid frame, but he adds a little extra something that a lot of Old Skool builders don't have : a sense of what makes a motorcycle not just a motorcycle but "art". These are hardcore bikes that look like you could either beat the crap out of them tearing up the road or put them on display in the local art gallery. Paul's "Beserker"  custom, with it's leather clad tank and fenders, is one of those motorcycles that once you see it you can't forget it.



 North Carolina - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Iron Thunder Cycles-

Bryan Hagan's motto is "Your Motorcycle Only Better" and claims to be able to do anything you can think of. Website features  pictures of some pretty nice builds. There's photos of a Heritage Softail that I wouldn't have believed started as a stock motorcycle. If you're in the market to do radical custom job on your Hog you'll want to check them out.



The Cycle Xchange - Matthews, NC

The Dale JR. Make a Wish Motorcycle and the Budweiser Burnout motorcycle are their claims to fame but the Cycle Exchange does Harley Customs as well as Ground Up customs. Run by Brian and Jeff Clark ( who happens to have been  a NASCAR Engine builder) their style is low impact paint work where the lines of the motorcycle tell the story.

Custom Harley Custom Harley



North Dakota

Ohio - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Full Throttle Works - Findlay, Ohio

Full service motorcycle shop that can customize your motorcycle from mild to wild. Customized Harley Davidsons and ground up customs. Unfortunately that's about all I can tell you about them. Oh yeah, they also sell Dixie Chopper lawn mowers.



 Oklahoma - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Covington's Customs -

With a full line of production bikes plus many one off customs, the Covingtons have been busy. Probably best known for Pro Street style motorcycles, they also have a large selection of Harley's they have customized.  Full line of parts available also.


Hotshoe Customs - Locust Grove,OK

A clean line, a sexy stance, Horsepower you can hear and feel., IF your bike is truly a custom, there isn't another like it. I hand Make Motorcycles and Motorcycle parts. From Rigid Frame KZ & CB Choppers to Metric Revolution M109's, V-Stars & VTX's to Handmade Sportbikes to American Customs to Pro-Street v-twins. What I love is what I make for your machine one at a time. Chrome packages, powder-coating, custom paint & air-brushing, plasma cut parts and hand rolled TIG welded tanks, fenders and frames. I truly understand performance, from turbo-charging to chassis mods. Magazine Feature Show-bike construction with details like no other shop can offer. I love what I do.





Pennsylvania - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Iron Hawg Cycles -

Located in Hazelton Pa, Iron Hawg Cycles specializes in Harley Davidson customs, especially custom motorcycle paint and graphics. Also capable of doing full frame up custom bikes. They ahve a chrome exchange program and do restoration work for your classic Harley Davidson.

Wide Glide Sportster 76 or 77  Custom Motorcycle by Iron Hawg



Ironhead Choppers

3735 East Market St, York Pa. In the same location since 2004


Rhode Island - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

X-Dream Cycles -

Can't say much for their web building skills but it looks like they certainly know how to build bikes. Full custom motorcycle builds as well as Custom Harleys. Lots of custom paint work. I found the in house custom builds to be very fluid and well thought out.

Custom Motorcycle By X Dream Cycles  Custom Motorcycle By X Dream Cycles Custom Motorcycle By X Dream Cycles



South Carolina

 South Dakota - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders


Freebird Custom Motorcycles -

I had a friend named Smoke that used to work for Easy Rider. Used to make a hand cleaner under the company name Freebird. No relation I guess. Any way, Freebird Custom Motorcycles does hand made Custom Harleys and Custom trikes which appears to be their specialty. Not a lot of pics on site except for the trike builds which look pretty good. Parts, apparel and accessories also available online.



Klock Werks -

When I think of Brian Klock the first thing that comes to mind is a V-rod Mr. Klock turned into a bagger. In fact Brian has become so well known for doing custom baggers that I was under the impression that that was all he did. Not so. Visit his site and you'll find also custom Sportsters, Softtails, FXRs,Dynas and bobbers. The team that built the "World's Fastest Bagger" is certainly diversified.



Twisted Choppers - SIOUX FALLS, SD

While these guys build some wicked ground up customs I have to also list them here also because of their exquisite work on Harley Davidson based custom bikes. I am seriously impressed with their motorcycle builds.




 Texas - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Rucker Performance -

You've heard of muscle cars well, let me introduce you to a new term: "muscle bikes". That what Bill Rucker builds. Let's face it. This guy ain't right. Who else builds a line of high performance baggers? Aesthetically pleasing, the Pro Mod Harley upgrade has the Rucker name to back it up.




Virginia - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Departure Cycle Works - Richmond, Va

These guys were building bikes back when the term "custom motorcycle" didn't even exist. Started in 1973 by Lee Clemens and the late Richie Smith and still going strong today. A lot of thought and care for performance goes into their Harley customs. They are not afraid to take a torch to any motorcycle, that's for sure. If you want a true "Motorcycler's Motorcycle" these are your guys.



Washington - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders

Downtown Harley - Seattle, WA

I wouldn't normally list a dealership in these pages but some dealers take "accessorizing" to the next level by actually customizing new bikes before they're put out for sale. Wouldn't you love to roll that new Harley out of the showroom with a wide tire kit already in place? Maybe lowered with a custom exhaust? Downtown Harley can deliver.



West Virginia

 Wisconsin - Harley Custom Motorcycle Builders


Mid Coast Concepts - Milwaulkee,WI

We are a small custom bagger building and customizing shop. We specialize in taking your stock Harley Davidson touring bike and turning it into the bagger you read about in magazines. From custom wheels to handlebars to paint jobs to stereo mods to extensive body modifications, we can help you create the bike of your dreams. We aim to provide the personalized customer service that dealerships fail to deliver. When your local dealer says "no we can't", give us a call.

custom harleycustom harley

Mid Coast Concepts


MetalRodika - Cottage Grove, WI

While they do ground up builds most their work on the site is customized Harleys, especially baggers. Some very radical designs, all done with a lot of style. One of the best custom Buells I've seen.

custom motorcyclecustom buell motorcyclecustom motorcycle



District of Columbia


British Columbia

Cherry Customs - Kelowna, British Columbia

Nice complete custom builds and customized Harley Davidsons. No single style stands out as all custom motorcycles on site look very well done. And I saw at least one Redneck frame, and that always kind of sells me on a builder. The modified Harleys were very well done.

Custom Harley Custom Harley



Custom Motorcycles

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