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Salinas Boys Customs - Salinas, CA

Cole Foster is cooler than you could ever hope to be. That just the way it is. He doesn't try to be cool, he just is. A Hot Rodder at heart, Cole's  automotive work is coveted by those who want to be cool also. I just wish he would build even more motorcycles. His site only displays a few, just enough to hook you in. superb craftsman, cool motorcycles.



Saxon Motorcycles -

Founded in 2004 Saxon Motorcycles is yet another in a growing field of production custom motorcycles. With  35 dealers in the United States and distributors in Europe Saxon has already positioned itself to become a major player in the Custom motorcycle industry. With 7 models to choose from Saxon can fill the need from Pro Street to Chopper to more Bobber style motorcycles.



Shane Gatto Customs -

Apparently business is good for Shane since his website is mostly promoting the articles written about his motorcycles rather than actually telling you what he can do for you, although I guess you could read the articles on his Custom motorcycles if you can find them. I can't even give my impressions because the pics are so small you really can't see any detail. Hopefully Shane Gatto will read this and email a useful description of his business.



Sovereign Custom, LLC - West Palm Beach, FL

Hello Bobber lovers. Sovereign Custom is making award winning bobbers in southern Florida. As a one time Pro Street fan I'm now a converted bobber lover and I really like what I see on this site. These are very clean bikes, as bobbers should be, with a few extras like oil coolers (always nice), what look to be 60 spoke wheels, Metzler marathon tires (I run nothing else on my 4 bikes) and really sweet looking controls. I see nothing on the high def pics that would indicate any shortcuts have been taken on these builds. When I imagine a bobber this is pretty much exactly what I have in mind.

custom bobber custom motorcycle - bobber

Sovereign Custom




S.R.B. Customs - Garland, TX

This family owned business won the Texas Chop Off with their radical build "Blessed Hellride". At first glance I thought their style was "Old School Chopper", but upon further investigation I find that they build any style motorcycle. These guys do not just buy some parts and "assemble" a motorcycle. No they build their own frames and parts as they need them and use off the shelf where it makes more sense. Nice Texas choppers.




Ssinister Choppers -

John Shope recently won CMT's chopper challenge with his custom black and white Seether motorcycle. John's definitely a Hot Rodder at heart and his custom motorcycle builds reflect that. Even his themed motorcycles look like they're going a 100mph when they're sitting still.



Stevenson's Cycle -

Stevenson's builds old school bobbers. Spring seats, small gas tanks, springer front ends. Has some interesting parts for sale.



Strokers Dallas -

Rick Fairless probably doesn't need me to tell you who he his but I'll give it a shot. This is not a guy who claims to be building motorcycles all his life. No, in fact he sold paint for 20 years before opening his motorcycle shop. Should have started it sooner. Fairless has a true flair for motorcycle design. You can tell by the finished product that the whole motorcycle design is in his head before he ever picks up a wrench or torch. A lot of guys build motorcycles, but a few create works of Art. Rick Fairless definitely falls into the second category.



Sucker Punch Sally's -

Their "66Bobber" model won "Bobber of the Year" in 2007 from V-twin/Easyrider magazines. Six models available at this writing all Bobber style except for the "Swinger", the only suspension model. These guys really have their act together with pricing of option fully shown on the site. You can figure exactly want you want and what it will cost you up front. Rollers and Kit motorcycles also available, also priced out on website.



Suicide Cycles - Manchester, MD

Charlie Cooper and his crew build custom motorcycles that real bikers will still be riding 20 years from now. Love the style: rear fender hugging the tire, just enough rake to be cool yet rideable and no extra parts. Either customized stock Harley or ground up build the end result is the same: a one of kind custom motorcycle you can hop on and go.






Custom Motorcycles

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