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Custom Motorcycle Builders in California

Arlen Ness -

Once known for his custom motorcycle builds, then for his parts, then for his design work on the Victory Motorcycle line-up, Arlen and son Cory came full circle after some recent notoriety with some radical custom builds and then went on to release 4 production custom motorcycle models under the Arlen Ness name. All have that familiar Arlen Ness flair.

Arlen Ness Custom Motorcycles


Big Bear Choppers -

Since 1998 Big Bear Choppers have made a name for themselves as California's premier production chopper manufacturer. With feature models like the Sled, the Athena series, the new G.T.X. .Bagger and the Venom series Big Bear Choppers have one of the finest product lines out there. A line of parts available also.

Big Bear Choppers


Boar's Nest Choppers -  Oceanside, CA

Their motorcycles have been featured in Easy Rider and deserve to be there. From "Old Skool" choppers and bobbers to new stretched out wide tire motorcycles or just customizing a stock Harley, these guys do it all. A lot of different looks on a lot of different motorcycles.

Boar's Nest Choppers


Bobber Shop - Somewhere in So Cal, CA.

Awesome bobbers, definitely not run of the mill stuff. I'm not sure what they're asking for these builds but they sure look like high end bobbers to me. You have to get in touch with them to find out.

Bobber Shop


Brouhard Designs - Grass Valley, CA

Carl Brouhard had been designing motorcycles for many years with Arlen Ness before opening his own shop in Grass Valley CA. His style is definitively wide tire and Pro Street but he's not limited by conventional wisdom of what a custom motorcycle should look like. Take his 57 Chevy motorcycle or his Jet Bike. There's never been anything like them built before, probably never again. Even his "cookie cutter" motorcycles have a uniqueness about them and a look at just one of his motorcycles would never tell the whole story, you have to see them all to rally appreciate the talent.

Brouhard Custom Motorcycle Designs


California Customs - San Jose, CA

Joe Cree of California Customs builds some serious  Hot Rod motorcycles. 26 base models to choose from, without a doubt the most in the industry. All hand assembled by serious craftsmen. Once you finally navigate your way to see the motorcycles you can see why Joe is a true innovator in the custom motorcycle world. These motorcycles are nice and affordable. Joe will meet or beat any other licensed builder on price wusing the same quality parts. And Joe is a patriot. We like that!

California Customs


Central Coast Cycles - Santa Cruz, CA

Scott Long has taken the "Old-School Builder of the Year" award from the V-twin Bikers Ball and there's little doubt why. When he's not rebuilding old Harleys he's building new custom old school style choppers on his own frames. Scott's custom motorcycles builds all have that authentic  Old School look.

Custom Motorcycle Custom Motorcycle

Central Coast Cycles


Chica Custom Cycles -

For those of you not familiar with Chica, he hails from Japan. Chica is a very detailed oriented builder whose been featured on the Discovery channel numerous times. His style is cool and practical. I'd hate to pigeon hole him with tags like Bobber or Racer, but most motorcycles bring those terms to mind. You will not go unnoticed, however, if you turn up at your local motorcycle night with one of Chicas bare bones motorcycles. If fact you may become the center of attention. Be prepared.

Chica Custom Cycles


Exile Cycles -

Russell Mitchell style is best described as Fat and Black. Somehow he has managed to combine "simple" and "over the top" all in one motorcycle. Lot's of flat black and brushed aluminum prove once and for all that "less is more". Full line of parts and motorcycle kits available.

Exile Cycles


Hippy Killer Garage -

Kutty Noteboom is another Hot Rodder turned custom motorcycle  builder and he definitely brings that flair with him. Maybe you've seen the documentary "Choppertown". If you haven't go buy it or rent it. Nuff said. Kutty runs with the 'Sinners" and really doesn't call himself a motorcycle builder, but sells them when he's done with them. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get one.

Hippy Killer Garage-Choppertown


Illusion Motorcycles -

First off, you'd better like black. If you're ok with that, you'll love these motorcycles. Bobbers, Lowriders, choppers, all with a very unique twist. They make a very sweet C.A.R.B and EPA approved production bobber. Very cool, really black.

Illusion Motorcycles


Intrepid Cycles -

This production custom manufacture now features 5 models up from the original 2. well received by the press the were one of the top 10 production motorcycles for 2007 in V-twin/Easyrider magazine. They now have something for everyone including the new "Intrepidized Bagger" model. You must buy from one of their dealers.

Intrepid Cycles


Johnny Pag - Irvine, CA

Not everyone who likes the custom motorcycle look or that is into a production custom motorcycle is looking for a monster engine or a super extreme ride. Some people don't have $30,000 to spend but also don't want just the standard factory offerings either. For them I bring you Johnny Pag, a line of full size "custom styled" motorcycles with a smaller engine and a very small price tag. Johnny Pag motorcycles all have a 300cc motor and retail under $4700. Ladies love them.

300cc Custom Bike 300cc Custom Bike

Johnny Pag Production Customs


Kiwi Motorcycle Co -

Now this is cool. Replica's of Indian motorcycles plus other retro style models, such as their Bobber and Boardtrack Racer. Many used motorcycles, including authentic Indians for sale. Parts area for your Indian motorcycle. If you want an authentic Vintage look without the vintage mechanical issues these are your guys.

Kiwi Motorcycle Co


Lifestyle Cycles -

Lifestyles Cycles appears to be more of a custom motorcycle dealer than full blown custom motorcycle shop although they say they do custom work I didn't see anything they claim to have done shown on the site. However, if you live in the Anaheim Area and are in the market for a new or used Custom motorcycle you will want to stop by as they carry custom motorcycles from Intrepid, BMC, Saxon, American Ironhorse, Bog Dog and of course Harley Davidson. I've listed them here because they are a great opportunity to see multiple makes side by side.

Lifestyle Cycles


Matt Hotch Designs - Fullerton, CA

Matt made a name for himself on the show circuit with only a few motorcycles under his belt. When Discovery Channel put him on "Biker Buildoff and he won 2 back to back championships he became legendary for his incredible vision and design. Matt's philosophy that "perfection is possible" has proven to turn out incredible works of art under the guise of "motorcycle".

Matt Hotch Custom Motorcycle Designs




Ron Simms Custom Cycles - Hayward, CA

Almost 30 years in the business, predating the entire Custom motorcycle phenomena that started a decade ago. Since I haven't been involved in motorcycles myself very long I won't pretend to know what Simms was doing back then but he's currently building Pro Street style wider tire motorcycles that have reasonable geometry to them. No super long super raked out front ends and no over the top wide tires. Pain jobs on these motorcycles are all original and fit the motorcycles perfectly. There's no way a Ron simms designed motorcycle will go unnoticed.

Ron Simms Custom Cycles


Salinas Boys Customs - Salinas, CA

Cole Foster is cooler than you could ever hope to be. That just the way it is. He doesn't try to be cool, he just is. A Hot Rodder at heart, Cole's  automotive work is coveted by those who want to be cool also. I just wish he would build even more motorcycles. His site only displays a few, just enough to hook you in. superb craftsman, cool motorcycles.

Salinas Boys Custom Motorcycles


Poole's Pro Built Custom Cycles -

Steve Poole builds custom motorcycles. That' about all I can tell you, because other than some links to some articles he's mentioned in there really is not much info on the site as to what it is he does exactly.

Poole's Pro Built Custom Cycles


West Coast Choppers -

The waiting list to get a chopper built by Jesse James' West Coast Choppers is insane. Only 200 motorcycles have been built over the last ten years. Jesse has managed to turn a small custom motorcycle shop into a custom motorcycle empire. First builder to "sell out" to the Discovery channel, but unlike his American Chopper counterparts Jesse James has never lost the respect of his fellow "hands on" builders. Probably the 4th most famous motorcycle builder in the world.

West Coast Choppers



Custom Motorcycles

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