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 Custom Motorcycles

For motorcycle enthusiasts, their motorcycles are an expression of themselves. They give their motorcycles the identity that they identify themselves with. Serious bikers always love customization of their motorcycles.

A custom made motorcycle is not just so much fun, it also involves lots of skills to be applied to and thinking that will make it a pleasure to own and ride.

There are different types of customization like Bobber, Café racer, Rat bike and Chopper.

A Bobber is a motorcycle which usually has its front fender removed and has a smaller rear fender. Most superfluous parts are removed to make it lighter with only bare necessities.

A Café racer is a motorcycle built for speed and not comfort. Usually a Café racer has an elongated fuel tank and low handle bars, giving it a distinct appearance.

Rat bike is a bike that is maintained with the intention of keeping the motorcycle on the road for as long as possible without spending much and without caring for its appearance.

A Chopper is a motorcycle that stands out because of its longer frame and is usually handcrafted unlike many other. Another feature of a Chopper is that there is no rear suspension and this makes handling the Chopper a challenging task especially on bad roads which can cause a bumpy ride.

There are motorcycle manufacturers including Harley Davidson that sell custom made motorcycles. These custom made motorcycles gives the customer the option to select a wide range of paint styles, accessories and engine sizes while also providing warranty and finance options associated with mass produced motorcycles.

Thus the factory custom segment offers the customer both uniqueness and appeal of the custom made and the benefits of a factory motorcycle.

Right from picking the chassis, deciding on which type of wheels the motorcycle will have, the type, design and capacity of the tank, design of the fender set with safety and aesthetics in mind, an effective and efficient exhaust system, handle bars that aids easy maneuverability, cool graphics, type and color of paint there are loads of things that goes into the creation of a custom motorcycle.

The chassis, or frame, forms the basic structure of a motorcycle. When seen separately it is like the skeleton of the motorcycle. More importantly, the chassis determines the overall look and the angle of elevation of the motorcycle from its rear wheel to the handlebars. It is important to select a chassis that would give the motorcycle great looks as well as riding comfort.

The wheels are not only for function but also for aesthetics of the motorcycle. As any true motorcycle enthusiast would agree, the wheels can add a good deal to the overall looks of the motorcycle. It is important to realize that wheels and tires are two different things and you don't have to worry about the compatibility of tires when you are deciding on the wheels since most wheels are designed to be able to hold tires of most kinds.

As much as looks are important for a custom made motorcycle, safety and comfort are also equally important. Understanding how the weight is distributed across the motorcycle will impact the ease of navigation while on the road.

While on the subject of navigation, the handle bars can make a great impact here. There are loads of handlebars available in the market, that it can be a daunting task to choose one. The handlebars are attention grabbers, however, a sense of proportion, seating position, height of the driver, riding style are various factors that needs to be given due consideration before deciding the type of handlebars.

The seat which will have the rider seated also carries significance since it adds to the comfort considerably.

Headlights are considered for function and safety, however, there are many things that can be done with headlights. Headlights come in different shapes and also comes with options of different lights that you can plug in. A caveat would be to ensure adherence to the rules of the road in the region you drive.

There are custom bike building competitions held throughout the world. One popular competition is the World Championship of Custom Bike Building held annually by American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD) magazine. The competition has been held since 2004 and has been a resounding success, drawing the motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world.

A number of affiliate events are held in various countries such as Russia, Japan, Australia and Mexico. The winners of each of the affiliate events gets a chance to compete at the world championship, all expenses paid. Usually it’s the other competitors who along with the invited judges decide the winner.

All in all, a custom motorcycle is not just a motorcycle but a fashion trend and a symbol of competitiveness and individualism for a number of individuals all over the world.

Custom Motorcycles

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