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List of Links to Custom Metric and Custom Harley Davidson Motorcycles Accessories Suppliers

All sites have an online retail store unless noted.

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Motorcycle Parts Accessories

American Motorcycle Specialties -

Gel pads, Luggage, Alarms, Covers, Rain suits. Yeah, that's pretty much it. What else do you need?



Baker Built Air Wings -

Air wings direct air away from engine in warmer weather and direct warm air over you in cooler weather while deflecting the wind. Separate upper and lower portions allow maximum flexibility.



Biker Brackets -

Not just brackets any more. Small variety of motorcycle accessories like biker paws, cruiser kick out pegs and inspection plates. Special Yamaha exhaust mod also.



Bronson Bag -

Windshield mounted bag to add extra storage space without detracting from the look of your motorcycle. Online Store Did Not Work During My Visit



Carroll Companies -

Wholesale manufacturing company that makes leather apparel, saddlebags, boots, leather tool bags, sissy bar bags and roll bags. I have them listed here because of their saddlebags and the find a dealer function on site.



Corbin -

Famous for their seats and stylish saddlebags, Corbin offers custom accessories for pretty much every motorcycle made, even scooters. Not just for cruisers, Corbin has seats for Street bikes /Sport bikes as well. All parts made to the highest quality standards.



Cruiser Bag -

Travel bag that doubles as a back rest. 3 sizes available, will fit any motorcycle.


Cycle Gear -

Luggage, tires, helmets and apparel.



Edge Leather -

Manufactures of Edge Bags and Edge brackets (Ghost Brackets). Heavy duty ABS reinforced on every panel with rot proof stitching and and unbreakable panel on the wheel side of the bag. Combine these with the quick release Edge brackets and it's the perfect set up. Quick release buckles and the saddlebags com in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit any rider. Detachable saddlebag brackets are available for virtually every cruiser model out there including Ridley and Moto Guzzi. These are some of the finest products I have seen available online, not some cheap imitations and I find the prices to be extremely reasonable considering the quality of product you are getting.



Got Saggy Bags -

Saddlebag stiffening systems for Harley Davidson and Yamaha motorcycles. Also have the coolest drink holder I've seen yet.



Granpas -

Custom highway bars for Harley Davidsons, EZ Shift and EZ Brake pedal kits, stereos and fairings..



Inertia WRX -

Universal locking system for leather saddlebags. Once installed and locked the system is practically invisible.



Ironbags -

Heavy duty saddle bags for Harley Davidson models as well as Nomads, Roadstars, Valkyrie, Victory and Indian motorcycles. All bags come with options like studs, conchos, quick release buckles, cargo lid straps. and fringes. Some bags made from 14oz leather, that's a heavy duty bag! If our current bags aren't doing it for you, check out Iron Bags



Iron Braid -

Custom braided products for your motorcycle is their specialty but they also offer a assortment of other motorcycle parts.



Jardine -

When I first bought my new V-star. November 2004, these guys were everywhere. Now they're being crowded out my every new  company that comes down the pike. Shame, because these guys really put out a quality product. Accessories for just about every motorcycle out there.



JM Corp -

With the new wave of bagger customizing one item you once would never see on a custom motorcycle, an audio system, has now becoming part of the customizing world. Jm Corp has upgrades for your existing Harley Davidson, Gold Wing, or Victory touring motorcycles as well as, dare I say it on theis site, headset audio systems. In addition to the audio gear they also carry CB radio items , GPS mounts, Radar detector mounts and adapters, as well as handle bar mounted CB/Audio systems. Enough items to add sound or devices to any motorcycle.



Leader Motorsports -

I like this site. Here's why: they sell what they sell and don't pretend to do anything more. Great site if you're in the market for a cell phone, Ipod, or drink holder. Also satellite radio holder, rain guards and generic storage holders. If you got piece of electronics you can't live without (we all do now), they probably have a mount for it.



Leading Edge -

Leading Edge Customs (LEC) was founded in 2000. Through the years of experience we are providing the hottest bikes and custom sport bikes, custom motorcycle, motorcycle accessories in the market.



Leather Connexion -

Saddlebag for all makes of cruisers both American and Metric. Tool bags, luggage rack bags, utility bags, mounting brackets, liners, mud flaps, sissy bar bags and other leather related products.



Leatherlyke -

My girlfriend's motorcycle has been completely on it's side at least 3 times. Guess what saved it from getting any damage?. That's right, a set of Leatherlyke bags. Tough as nails , and plenty of storage. I once saw one of these fly off a motorcycle at speed ( it hadn't been attached properly by a mechanic). Guy picked it off the road and re-attached it and rode away. They now offer a trunk model to attach to your luggage rack. Absolutely great bags.



Leatherworks Inc -

Home of the "Nickel Bag". Leatherworks carries bags for all American and Metric motorcycles. They also carry Easy Brackets to make removing your bags a cinch.



Linby Custom, Inc -

The original combination of engine guard and highway pegs. Available for Harley Davidson's, Victorys, Indians, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda cruisers. Related accessories.



MC Enterprises -

MC Enterprises specializes in crash/engine guard  bars, saddlebags guards, luggage racks, sissy bars, seat trim rails and foot pegs. Parts available for most Metric and American Cruisers. No Online Store.



Motorcycle Road and Race Ltd -

We've got thousands of parts and accessories to repair, tune and customise your bike. We sell only tried and tested products that offer great value and top quality. Low prices and a top quality service is our promise to you. We can deliver to anywhere in the world or you can collect from our premises in Ashford, Middlesex. In addition to the thousands of motorbike accessories and parts in our online catalogue we have access to many more.




Moto-Xpress -

Accessories for Harley Davidson motorcycles: Air Horns, Axle Nut Covers, Brake Pedal Pads, Center Stands, Derby - Inspection - Point Covers, Exhaust - Baffles, Flag Mounts - Flags, Footboards, Footpegs, Headlights, Kickstands, Seats - Seat Pads, Shift Linkage, Shifter Pegs, Spike Accessories, Tank Accessories, Touring Accessories, Windshield Accessories, 44 Magnum Accessories



National Cycle -

Probably the biggest "accessories only" business for motorcycles today, National Cycle is best known for their windshields but also carry saddlebags and luggage, fender tips, exhausts, light bars and others. Best selection for windshields you will find, have them for all motorcycles including European models like Ducati and Aprilia and of course all Metric cruisers and Harley and Victory motorcycles.



Nelson Rigg -

I actually own 2 Nelson Rigg bags, a tank bag and a tail bag and I love them so much I use them as my luggage when I'm not riding. Best built motorcycle luggage I've personally inspected yet. Zippers never stick, material is high quality and even the included rain covers are heavy duty. Latest items have solar panels on them for charging your cell phone, mp3 player. Ipod, digital phone etc.



Pac-Kit Saddlebags -

Saddlebags for all motorcycles, tool bags, bolt on bags, sissy bar bags as well as throw overs. Some very large bags.



Pro Pad Inc -

Pro Pad sells seat pads, flag mounts, flags, air horns and floorboard extension kits.



Ride & Leather -

Upgrade your seat with Astech gel/foam inserts.  Custom leather. Not a lot of info on site.



Rider's Passion -

Handlebar mounted clocks and thermometers. Fits all 1 to 1 1/4" bars. Console and triple tree mounted clocks for Harley models. 



Rifle Fairings -

Rifle has Fairings, windshields, lowers, luggage, lightbars and some exhausts.



Saddleman -

Saddlemen is known for their innovative seats, saddlebags, tank bags, luggage, seat gels and covers. Saddlemen also does custom seats. Full line of tail bags, roller bags, special seat bags, rack bags, and tank chaps.  Many styles to choose from.



Sick Shooter -

Firearm and ammo styled motorcycle parts for Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson and Custom Motorcycles. Pegs, levers, barends, covers and valve stem caps.



Skull Man OnLine -

Skull Harley Davidson? Parts - Skull Motorcycle Parts & Accessories - Skull Headgear - Misc. Skull Stuff. - Need Skulls? We Got-em.



Sportech Inc. -

Windshields for sport motorcycles and cruisers. Cool design especially for custom motorcycles. Got a bad  custom but you wouldn't mind having a windshield once and a while?. These windshields are easily removed from your motorcycle leaving only a small chromed clamp on your bars. If I was in the market for a new windshield this might be my first choice.



T-Bags -

If your planning a serious trip and need to haul all your girlfriend's crap, T-bags has you covered. Bags for just any motorcycle with a passenger backrest most of which can easily be pulled off your custom motorcycle and carried. Bags made especially for Goldwings and Harley dressers also.



The Helmet Source -

Huge selection of DOT approved helmets, novelty helmets, goggles, sunglasses, covers, gloves, boots, motorcycle apparel, jackets, doo rags, luggage and bags.




Tsukayu Hardbags -

Detachable Fairings, Detachable Stretched Hard Saddlebags for RoadKing, Detachable HardBags Series, Hardbags for Sportster, "Strong" Hardbags,  "Jumbo Strong" Hardbags, "Coner" Hardbags
"Patrol" Hardbags, Touring Trunk , Leather covered Hardbags and Trunk, Luggage Racks , Bag Guards
Turn Signals. Hard bags are very nice, many different styles to pick from.



Willie And Max -

Once a "dealer only" site you can now buy direct from them. Leather issy bar bags, saddlebags, windshield bags, tool bags, tour trunks, mounting brackets, and covers for all motorcycles  as well as chrome accessories for Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki motorcycles. They have  a very nice variety of styles and colors to choose from. You are almost guaranteed to find the leather saddlebag style you are looking for. Very nice.



Zambini Bros. -

Extreme 3-d ornamental tank emblems, filter covers, point covers and derby covers.


Zeyner -

Very "fancy" motorcycler bags, wallets, and backpacks.





Custom Motorcycles

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