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Directory List of Links To Custom Metric and Custom Harley Davidson Motorcycles Handlebars, Brakes and Controls Parts Suppliers and Resources

All sites have an online retail store unless noted.

Engines - Exhausts - Chrome - Body/Seats - Motorcycle Parts Accessories - Motorcycle Kits/Frames/Rollers
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Custom Motorcycle Handlebars/Brakes/Controls

360 Brake  -

How would like your custom motorcycle to have no visible brakes at all? With the 360 brake you can get just that. The brake is housed in a 5 in hub that gives you 360 degrees of braking power. Designed for a 1" axle but reducers are available for Metric applications.



American Side Road Cycles

Flanders handlebars, Harley Motorcycle Seats, Leather Saddlebags, C&C Seats, Sissy Bars, Hard Bags, motorcycle handlebars, Easy Brackets, MC Enterprises Accessoriess, Freedom Performance Pipes, Ginz Choppers Sissy bars, Custom Bagger Parts and Custom Softail Parts from Russ Wernimont Designs



Badass Covers -

Coolest levers I've seen to date.



Billski Mods -

Handle bars, controls, fork accessories, rake and clutch lines and parts. Very interesting item: flush mounted fork extensions. They go on top of your forks to extend them by up to 4 inches. Much cheaper and easier than buying longer uppers.



Black Dog Cycle Works -

Friction nut style cruise control that goes on the end of your handle bar grip



Brakeaway Products -

Friction throttle control style cruise control that releases when you apply your front brake. Models now work with ISO grips.



BR Custom Cycles -

These guys seriously have the wildest bars ever. And for the styles they offer the price are extremely reasonable. More styles of bars in one location then you will probably find anywhere. According to their site info any bar the make can made to your exact specs. No Online Store (but they do accept Paypal)

Br Custom Cycle Dagger Bars Br Custom Cycle Ape Hangers

 Br Custom Cycle Dagger Bars

Br Custom Cycle Ape Hangers

Br Custom Cycle Drag Bars Br Custom Cycle Electra Glide Bars

Br Custom Cycle Drag Bars

Br Custom Cycle Electra/Street Glide Bars



Crampbuster -

Clip on throttle assist for cruising.



Crypt Cycles -

Skeleton mirrors and thigh bone handle bars. Need I say more?




Custom Cycle Controls -

Wide variety of custom handlebar controls. Each set of bars has Climax controls built into them, no wire or cables showing. Handlebar mounted gauges also available. Check out their Simplified Air Suspension with the compressor built right into the piston.



Gen Mar Mfg. -

Handle bar risers for all sportbikes and almost all metric cruisers. These are not riser replacements but rather a riser insert that looks like it belongs on your motorcycle. Perfect for a motorcycle like a later V-star that has a very nice factory riser. No need to remove any controls or replace any cables. Puts your handlebars up and back for a more comfortable ride.



GMA Engineering -

Manufacturers of aftermarket Harley-Davidson brake parts. 2 to 6 piston brake calipers, master cylinders, handlebar controls, rotors. Brake calipers come in a variety of finishes. No Online Store



Greg's Custom Cycles -

Manufacturer of the "Deepsickness" line of handle bars and front ends. Check out the Wicked Apes. They also do one off bars.



Grip Ace - Beverly Hills, CA

You've probably seen these in the magazines. Grips with all your switches built into them. Finger tip access for your starter, lights, turn signals, headlights electronic accessories. Get the sleekest cleanest handles bars imaginable and still maintain fu; functionality.



Hawg Halters -

Their feature product is high end, highly polishes Chrome brake calipers for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. They have an inboard braking system that places your rotor behind your pulley allowing you to have the other side of your wheel completely exposed. Sprocket brake kits as well as a forward controls, hand controls, wide tire kits, complete front ends and  custom chrome and powder coated wheels.



Helibars -

Ergonomic handle bars for BMW motorcycles, all Harley Davidson models and Metric Sport Bikes.



Jardine -

When I first bought my new V-star. November 2004, these guys were everywhere. Now they're being crowded out my every new  company that comes down the pike. Shame, because these guys really put out a quality product. Forward controls and floor boards for just about every motorcycle out there.



JayBrake -

Widely considered the industry standard for brake calipers, Jaybrake carries 4 and 6 piston brakes as well as forward controls, hand controls, and all the accessories you need for them. When you look at a component by Jaybrake, one word comes to mind: "craftsmanship". Each piece is a designed work of art unto itself. No Online Store (but you can order direct from the company)



LA Choppers   -

I wasn't sure where to list this custom parts supplier because they don't have a wide variety of parts but the quality seemed really good and I didn't want to short change them by putting them under just one category Basically LA Choppers sells exhausts, lowering kits, suspension items, handle bars and grips. The specialty however is handle bars, No Online Store



Leroy Thompson Choppers -

Machine grips, risers and pegs. By Leroy Thompson; I need not say any more.







Lyndall Racing Brakes -

Composite rotors, stainless rotors, brake pads, all high performance. For Harley, Victory, Buell, American Iron Horse, Indian, and Big Dog motorcycles.



Marlin's Clocks -

Handlebar mounted clocks, gauges, thermometers and compasses for your ride. Clocks for all motorcycles and numerous mounting for your motorcycle. Easy to navigate website.



QTM Performance Brakes-

Brakes by Bremo, Marchesini, Sparco for American, Victory, Triumph, Supermoto and non motorcycle applications. Rotors are full floating, meaning no off pedal drag and pad life is 25,000 to 50,000 miles. No Online Store.



Road Warrior By Novello -

Hard to decide where to put this site since it's an eclectic mix of parts. I was most impressed with the handlebar wire harness extension kits, a must have for some custom builds. But there's so much more in the way of gas caps, grips, pegs and various chrome items I almost think everyone might find something on this site they'd be interested in.



Softbrake -

Manufactures extended brake levers, extended shift levers, license plate relocators, stainless steel splash guards, billet rear master cylinder reservoirs and stainless steel vent tubes.  In process of making new parts for Metric motorcycles like Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Already have parts for Royal Star, V-stars, Intruders and Nomads.



Throttle Rocker -

Which came first the Throttle Rocker or the Cramp Buster? I really don't know.



Underworld Inc -

Lock your front brake for that massive burn out with the "Linelokker" parking brake. Great for trailering.



W8less Technologies -

Composite brake rotors take weight off of your custom ride. Harley and metric applications. No Online Store



Wicked Image -

Wicked accessories for your custom motorcycle: Cable Clamps, Linkages, Mirrors and Arms, Wheels, Forward Controls, Bagger Lower Controls, Foot Pegs, Floorboards, Belt Drive Covers and more.



Yankee Engineuity -

Lot's of gauge cups, clamps, base covers, levers, coil mounts and other cool chrome stuff.





Custom Motorcycles

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