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Directory List of Links To Custom Metric and Custom Harley Davidson Motorcycles Frames, Rollers and Motorcycle Kits Parts Suppliers

All sites have an online retail store unless noted.

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Custom Motorcycle - Motorcycle Kits/Frames/Rollers

How To Build A Chopper Frame



Allen Bros Chopper Works-

Allen Bros specializes in Buell conversions using their own "Morph" line of frames or customizing them using the original frame keeping the sportbike look. As a big fan of Redneck Engineering's Mutant line of motorcycles I have to say that I am equally impressed with these "Morph"  Buell to Pro Street conversions. I'm not sure Allen Bros style will appeal to all riders but you can't argue that the designs aren't very original

Allen Bros Chopper Works


Bare Knuckle Choppers -

Frames and rollers for Buell, Sportster, Big V-twin any rake, length, rear tire size. All frames are made in house, Tig welded to your specs. In addition to frames and rollers they also offer a whole range of parts including Controls, Bars, Tag Lights, Velocity Stacks, Chain Tensioners, Grips, Pegs & Knobs, Tanks / Sheetmetal, Pipes, Brakes & Rotors, Chain Primary, Transmissions, Engines & Parts, and Trees.

Bare Knuckle Choppers


Big Boar Products -

Big Boar specializes in wide tire kits and frames for Harleys. Kits for Softails, Dynas, Sportsters,Road King, V-rod, FXR and FX Shovelhead. Kits up to 300mm.



Big John's Custom Iron Works

We build custom frames for American and Metric motorcycles from scratch or modify yours. We have the capabilities to do one off custom parts for your custom .

custom motorcycle frame photo custom motorcycle frame photo

Big John's Custom Iron Works


Bike Builders Warehouse -

Here's one of those sites a guy could spent hours looking at and daydreaming about his next or first custom motorcycle build. Many many Motorcycle Kits with many options available. Complete motorcycle kits for as low as $9,999.00 . Many options on engines, pipes, you name it, they have it. Very responsive to email inquiries.

Bike Builders Warehouse


Bung King -

Ever wonder where people get threaded bungs to weld to their frames? Well here's a place to get them as well as fender strut kits, motor mount kits, gas tank caps kits, handlebar kits, master cylinder mounts, and other weld on mounts.



Carolina Custom Products -

"Real men build their own" is this company's saying. From frames to complete rollers, these guys make some of the best custom motorcycle parts around. Numerous award winning motorcycles from top shows have been built with one of their frames.  If you're building a Sportster based custom, they have some nice and very affordable kits.

Carolina Custom Products


Chopper Blueprints -

Blueprints for Old School rigid and softail frames up to a 330 rear tire. Blueprints for Jigs, Springer front ends and forward controls.  Blueprints are 1/2 inch scale originals on white paper. Parts such as axle boxes, engine mounts control plates, neck tubes, mounting bungs, etc. and parts for jigs also available.

Chopper Blueprints


Chopper Guys

How would you like to run a 200 series tire on your bagger without modifying your drive train? Chopper Guys have a frame for that. In fact they have frame for just about anything. Nice variety of rigid frames some of which accept a 300mm tire with a belt or a 330 with a chain drive. What really caught my eye was their Softtail frames, including right side drive wide tire models and a special "big guys" frame for taller riders, which they also offer in their rigid line. Lots of different style custom motorcycle frames.

Chopper Guys


CMU Enterprises - Gainesboro, TN

Looking for a wild custom frame but don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get one? Check out the frame by CMU Enterprises. Swingtail, Ridgeback and bobber frame in any rake or stretch you need. Check out the twisted downtubes that are available. Very cool!



Daytec -

Daytec custom motorcycle frames are very popular among both backyard motorcycle builders and professional custom motorcycle  builders. Precision made frames come in 3 styles: softtail, rigid, and rubber mounted. There are variations under each of these and each frame can be custom ordered with your desired rake, stretch, tank mounts, swingarm style along with paint/finish options, strut, fenders and tanks. Basically, you can get the exact frame you want. Since each frame is a custom order there is no online  store.



Demon's Cycle -

I have Demon's Cycle listed under the 'All-in-one" custom parts category and under Harley and Ground Up Custom Motorcycle builders but their large selection of rolling chassis makes them deserve another listing here.

Demon's Cycle


Dirty South Choppers - Palmyra,VA

These guys may have just beaten out Redneck Engineering for my favorite frame company. Very, very cool frames. At first glance, you think oh standard chopper frames, but you're wrong, these guys do some fabulous design work. Check out their low frames. Just awesome. Find the pic pages for some great frame shots. No Online Store, All Frames Custom Made!

Dirty South Choppers


DNA Specialties -

I've listed this company under frames/rollers cause that's what stands out but they are so much more than that. Front ends, rotors, billet and spoke wheels, sheet metal, handle bars, pretty much anything you need for the build except an engine and wires.



Heartland Biker -

Wow, this company has some of the best looking rear end conversion kits I've seen. Completely change the look of your Harley Davidson motorcycle in one day with their bolt on kits. Some kits are design to lower and change your fender look, others let you slap on a wide tire and some other kits make your motorcycle look like a completely different style motorcycle.



Leroy Thompson Choppers -

You can buy the "Ethyl" frame. I need not say any more.

Leroy Thompson Choppers


Low Brow Customs -

Triumph Bobber
Lowbrow Customs offers custom hard tail frames and weld-ons for both BSA and Triumph motorcycles.


Mystery Designs -

At some point in the hopefully distant future my legs will be to weak to hold a motorcycle up and it will be time for the trike. This is where I'm going. Mystery designs trike kits can be bolted on in a matter or hours because they simply replace your factory swingarm. The "Tiltster" model with independent suspension even has the rear wheels leaning. A fixed axle model is available for as little $3200.



Paughco -

Many an old school chopper has been built on a Paughco frame, but they actually make a wide variety of custom motorcycle parts: Springers, Triple Trees & Forks, Handlebars & Risers, Lighting, Frames & Suspension, Wheels, Axles & Brakes , Gas & Oil Tanks , Sheet Metal, Engine & Electrical, Primary & Drivetrain , Foot Controls, Transmission Parts, and Exhaust. No Online Store



Paul Yaffe Originals -

Paul Yaffe's motorcycles are works of art. He's taken that style and has turned out some of the highest quality frames and rollers around. Tanks and fenders as well.



Pitbull Motorcycles -

If Orlando FL is not too far away and you're in the market for a stretched out wide tire custom motorcycle kit, this is the place. While other shops have jumped on the bobber band wagon, Pitbull seems to have remained true to what it knows best. They basically do 2 motorcycles: a dropseat softail and a dropseat hardtail, both with a chopper version that has an 8" up stretch. You can buy a complete assembled motorcycle kit here that only requires wiring and paint to finish. Frames and rollers also available.

Pitbull Motorcycles


Raw Design -

Fat tire kits for the VTX, Meanstreak, and Raider as well as the M109, the Marauder, the M50 and the GSXR.



Redneck Engineering -

These may be the smartest guys in the custom motorcycle building business. Their innovated and aesthetically pleasing frames are being used by custom motorcycle builders everywhere. I absolutely love the motorcycles Vince Doll and the crew here build. Frames for every taste imaginable all built to your exact specs. They recently added a soft tail model to their line of Mutant frames ( basically you take all the drive components, wheels, tires, brake calipers, rotors, pulleys, and front end from your Buell or Sportster and transfer them into the mutant frame) Full line of gas tanks, fenders, rollers, exhausts and of course rock solid frames.



Rolling Thunder Frames -

Here we go! What do want in a custom motorcycle frame? Chances are these guys can make it. Tire sizes from 180mm all the way to 360mm. Do you want a stock frame, a chopper frame, a pro street frame, or maybe you're customizing the old standard Sportster and need a frame? How about the suspension on that frame? Softtail, rubber mount or a rigid? Single or dual down tube? If you can imagine it, I believe Rolling Thunder Frames can build it. Maybe the most versatile frame manufacturers I've come across. When they say your custom motorcycle frame is "made to order", they really mean it.

Rolling Thunder Frames


S.A.T. Motorsports -

Offers 200, 250, and 300 custom frames  any rake, any stretch. Tacked or completely welded. Prices seemed very good. Need a better website, I think there's a lot more to these guys then what you see on the site. No Online Store



Sumo-X -

Wide tire kits for the Honda VTX, Suzuki M109 and the Kawasaki Vulcan 900. Related accessories.



Vicious Cycle Works -

Already have this site listed under the "All-in-ones" but I also had to list them here because of the huge selection of rollers and frames they carry. Some of the most original styles of frames and rollers I've seen in one location yet.

Vicious Cycle Works


West Coast Choppers -

So you don't have the juice to get Jesse to build a motorcycle for you, at least you can buy the same parts he uses. Full line of frames, rollers, other parts.

West Coast Choppers





Custom Motorcycles

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